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Photo Booth

We have four types of Photo booth to choose from,

Traditional oval, Selfie Pod, Smile station photo booth, & Open style.

Traditional Oval Photo Booth

From £350 For 3 hours. Call us we may have a special offer for you.

Includes Prints,

Link to all pictures

Loads of props for dressing up.

Or build a package for discounts

Capture a picture – standard feature. Traditional print is colour 6 x 4”. Different print sizes and colour options come with different packages, including strip printing and filters.
Black & White, Sepia,
Upload a photo filer of your choice. Instagram style
Capture a video – standard feature. Unlimited record time.
Virtually adds silly items into your picture without the need for props.
Facial recognition can add hats, moustaches, whatever you choose into the picture.
Custom digital backgrounds. Stand in front of a green curtain, but choose whatever background you desire!
3D digital backgrounds Make it look like you’re in space, at the beach, Vegas, or even use immersive technology to blend in with a 3d crowd or image.
Slow things down in a video. Capture that romantic moment of a slow kiss in the photo booth or even something humorous.
Fully surround green screen
Make your photo’s fully 3 dimensional,
and more.

Smile Station Photo Booth

From £250 3-4 hours

Add printer form £50

Link to all Photo's

Loads of props

Text or email striaght to your device, Share on social media

Or build a package for discounts


Happy Customers

The Photo booth was great fun and made a great extra to everything else that was provided. Some lovely memories made and photos to keep those memories alive for many years to come. It was easy to use, didn't take up too much space and was loved by all. Would definitely use again and recommend to others.
Thank you once again. You will be my go to dj for future events, so look forward to working with you again one day soon.

Guest are loving our Surrey Smile Photo Booth,
Why ?. 'Its easy to use'. Send as an email  or Text straight to your device, Save and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, Edit picture is easy with 17 amazing effects, Different layouts to choose, Short video's, Open concept, No more having to stand in a box, More people can fit in picture,
And the best bit, Our customers are loving the great price,, Amazing value, And Booth open from start of event to finish, No time restrictions.


We make every effort to provide our customers with the best value and highest quality services at all times.

Experience! Reliability! Expertise!

We Have an inflatable booth

Most prefer the open concept, But we can provide this upon request.

Or if wanted we can supply a backdrop

Capture those magical memories for ever with the Smile Station Photobooth
Hire the Smile station, For the hole duration of your event. (Not just 3hr)
ALL Evening, Or at extra cost, all day if its your wedding.
Full corporate branding
Instant online galleries (Customisable*)...
Immediate social media sharing (Well a few seconds)
Air Print ready (Add on if you want prints)
Set up in less than 2 minutes, Hardly any disruption to event, (Well loads of disruption as guest go mad for the Smile Station and want that picture with you)
Looks amazing, Many Props,
Call us 01784 391893


The Smile Station photo booth
For those especially looking for a change to the usual photo booths being offered.
The main advantages are that more people can use it in one go, as well as providing great entertainment for those waiting to have a go too, as well as being a crowd puller as people want to see what is happening.
Your pics can have text added, ie, Mr & Mrs Newlywed, John's 40th. For Corporate events company Logo's can be added, School logo's
As these ...are an open concept we have a choice of backdrops available in solid form
Furthermore we can provide custom printed backdrops, use the venue’s walls, your own backdrop, or “selfie style” with no backdrop at all.
Loads of props supplied to dress up, Show off, Flirt maybe.
Prices from £250

At the moment all prints are emaIed to you, were you can then copy and download to your devive then share if you want to social media, You will after your event be given a link to upload all your prints.

Take as many pics as you like, Can be personnelized to your event with text or logo.

Chage layouts

Upload straight to Facebook and other social media, all guest can send to there social sites, As the client you will get a link for all copys of your event,

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