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FUN Blackjack

Having a casino night, Or would like something different, Why not have us supply our Blackjack table with Dealer.

Roulette with Croupier

Full size table, Professional Croupiers

Great Fun to play and watch for any event.

No gaming licence required as we play for fun, and at the end the person who cashes in the most, Wins a PRIZE.


Up to 7 players at one time, Each playing there own game against the dealer,

The name of the game is to beat the dealer and get Blackjack or near to 21 woithout going bust.

With no real money, Only FUN money, We give you some chips to start, The players goal is to win as many chips, More than everyone else and at the end of a set time the one player who won the most and cashed in gets a prize

The prize being offered is discussed with person booking casino table, Most people choose a bottle of wine or Champagne

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TW20 8XE

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